Alternative Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine is a
  • natural alternative form of healing
  • where the conventional western treatment that has not been res-
  • ponsive or if you just want a natural
  • and safe to heal which has been
  • proven effective for thousands of  
  • years for a variety of symptoms, conditions, injuries,  and diseases. 

Complimentary Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine can complement the western treat-
  • ment. You can recieve compli-
  • mentary medical treatment to
  • accelerate the healing process,
  • help with the side-effects of
  • western treatment, balance the
  • body and restore health.

Preventive Medicine

  • Our acupuncturists operate with prevention in mind, attempting to correct small energetic im-
  • balances before they become serious health problems such as acute or chronic illnesses.

Tired of being dependent on the chemical drugs of conventional western medicine and  their harmful side effects? 

There is an alternative healthcare of Acupuncture and Herbs that is natural healing and proven to be effective.

 Acupuncture is the fastest growing healthcare method in it. Millions of Americans have already discovered this ancient healing art and rely on it for their healthcare needs.


Shouldn't you consider this amazing holistic system of medicine for your chronic pain and  your unresolved health problems? Visit us!